Let me tell you about the future

silhouette of person looking on window

Let me tell you about the future

there will be day after day after day

until you die

your grandpa and grandma will go first

or so is the usual way

and they will hurt the shit out of you

like you can’t ever believe they will

but this is still the hors d’oeuvre you see

for later on it will be an aunt or

an uncle that you loved with the fullness

of a kid’s blessed heart

and then perhaps their only son

and maybe a former classmate for good measure

who’ll take the lead and go

leaving you feeling the loop tightening

around your windpipe, your stomach.

And then it comes for your throat



best friend ever




Consider yourself so very lucky if it spares your kids

for now.

The last one, my friend, is always you

and it’s the one you don’t feel

don’t resent

don’t foresee

it is freedom.

Welcome to my world, I was expecting you

you see

just grab a chair by the fire and

tell me all about it

I’m all heart.